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brownies with marshmallows

If you’re a fan of decadent desserts, you’re in for a treat today. Brownies with marshmallows are a heavenly combination that will satisfy your sweet tooth and leave you craving for more. These fudgy and gooey marshmallow brownies are easy to make and will delight your taste buds with every bite.

Whether you prefer homemade marshmallow brownies or indulging in chocolate marshmallow brownies from your favorite bakery, this article has got you covered. We’ll explore the many irresistible qualities of marshmallow brownies and provide tips and tricks for making them at home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brownies with marshmallows are a decadent and heavenly dessert option.
  • Fudgy and gooey marshmallow brownies are easy to make and perfect for any occasion.
  • This article will provide tips and recipes for making delicious marshmallow brownies at home.

What Makes Brownies with Marshmallows Irresistible?

Brownies with marshmallows are an irresistible treat for chocolate lovers and dessert enthusiasts alike. The combination of rich, fudgy brownies and fluffy, gooey marshmallows creates a flavor and texture experience like no other. Whether you’re a fan of classic chocolate desserts or looking for something new to indulge in, brownies with marshmallows are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

What sets brownies with marshmallows apart from regular brownies is the gooey and melty marshmallow factor. When the brownies are baked with marshmallows on top, they turn into a delectable, chewy, and soft delight. Each bite is full of flavor and texture, with the perfect combination of sweetness and richness.

Additionally, homemade marshmallow brownies can be easily personalized by adding extra ingredients like nuts, caramel, or a drizzle of chocolate on top. The result is a unique and irresistible dessert that can be enjoyed by everyone.

So next time you’re looking for a dessert that’s indulgent, satisfying, and absolutely irresistible, try out some brownies with marshmallows. You won’t regret it!

How to Make Fudgy Marshmallow Brownies at Home

If you’re craving the decadent combination of chocolate and marshmallows, look no further than homemade fudgy marshmallow brownies. With this easy marshmallow brownie recipe, you can whip up a batch of gooey, indulgent treats right in your own kitchen.

To make these homemade marshmallow brownies, you’ll need the following ingredients:

Ingredients Amount
All-purpose flour 1 cup
Unsweetened cocoa powder 3/4 cup
Baking powder 1/2 tsp
Salt 1/2 tsp
Unsalted butter, melted 1/2 cup
Granulated sugar 1 1/4 cups
Eggs 2
Vanilla extract 2 tsp
Marshmallow fluff 1 cup

To start, preheat your oven to 350°F and line a 9-inch square baking dish with parchment paper. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt.

In a separate bowl, mix together the melted butter and sugar until well-combined. Add in the eggs and vanilla extract, whisking until the mixture is uniform.

Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients, stirring until everything is fully incorporated and you have a thick batter. Gently fold in the marshmallow fluff, being careful not to overmix.

Pour the batter into your prepared baking dish and bake for 25-30 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Let the brownies cool in the pan for a few minutes before transferring them to a wire rack to cool completely.

And there you have it – homemade fudgy marshmallow brownies that are sure to please any sweet tooth. Enjoy!

Enhance Your Dessert Routine with Chocolate Marshmallow Brownies

Chocolate and marshmallows are two popular dessert ingredients that have been combined in a variety of ways over the years. One such delicious combination is chocolate marshmallow brownies. These fudgy marshmallow brownies offer a heavenly experience for your taste buds. The chocolate flavor is rich and decadent, while the marshmallows add a gooey texture and a subtle sweetness. This dessert is perfect for chocolate lovers who want to try something new.

The key to making chocolate marshmallow brownies is getting the right balance of ingredients. Use high-quality chocolate and fresh marshmallows to ensure the best results. The chocolate should be melted slowly and carefully, and added gradually to the other ingredients. Folding the marshmallows into the chocolate mixture is the final step in creating this delightful dessert.

One of the great things about chocolate marshmallow brownies is their versatility. They can be enjoyed on their own as a satisfying snack or dessert, or paired with other sweet treats like ice cream or whipped cream. They are also a great option for parties or special occasions, as they are easy to make in large batches and are sure to impress guests.

Try this Easy Recipe for Chocolate Marshmallow Brownies:

  1. Preheat your oven to 350°F and line a 9×13 inch baking pan with parchment paper.
  2. Melt 1 cup of butter and 8 ounces of high-quality chocolate in a saucepan over low heat. Stir constantly to prevent burning.
  3. In a separate bowl, whisk 2 cups of sugar, 1 tsp vanilla extract, and 4 eggs until light and fluffy.
  4. Sift 1 cup of flour and 1/2 tsp salt into the egg mixture and fold gently.
  5. Add the melted chocolate mixture and fold until well combined.
  6. Pour the batter into the prepared baking pan and sprinkle 2 cups of mini marshmallows over the top.
  7. Bake for 35-40 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.
  8. Cool on a wire rack, then slice and serve.

Now that you know how to make chocolate marshmallow brownies, it’s time to try them for yourself. Whip up a batch of these delicious treats and enjoy the amazing combination of flavors and textures. You won’t be disappointed!

Gooey Marshmallow Brownies: A Treat for the Senses

There’s something undeniably satisfying about biting into a warm, gooey marshmallow brownie. The combination of rich, fudgy chocolate and sweet, melty marshmallows is simply irresistible, making for a dessert experience that engages all the senses.

The gooey texture of marshmallow brownies is a major part of what makes them so appealing. The soft, sticky marshmallows blend perfectly into the moist, chocolatey brownie batter, creating a delectable contrast of flavors and textures that’s hard to resist.

Whether you’re snacking on a freshly baked brownie straight out of the oven or savoring a leftover piece the next day, the gooey marshmallow center is sure to bring a smile to your face with every bite.

When it comes to making your own marshmallow brownies, achieving the perfect gooey texture is key. By following a recipe that balances the right amount of marshmallows and brownie batter, you can create a batch of delicious marshmallow brownies that are sure to impress.

So why not treat yourself to a batch of gooey marshmallow brownies today? With their irresistible texture and decadent flavors, they’re a treat that’s sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

The Joy of Homemade Marshmallow Brownies

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of making homemade marshmallow brownies from scratch.Not only is it a fun and rewarding experience, but the end result is a batch of fudgy marshmallow brownies that are sure to impress.

When making marshmallow brownies from scratch, it is important to use high-quality ingredients and follow the recipe closely. One of the secrets to achieving that perfect fudgy texture is to not overbake the brownies, as this can result in a dry and crumbly texture.

Another tip for making delicious homemade marshmallow brownies is to use fresh marshmallows, as opposed to store-bought ones that may have been sitting on the shelf for a while. This will ensure that the marshmallow filling is gooey and melted, creating a perfect contrast with the chocolatey brownie base.

Experimenting with different types of chocolate and marshmallows can also add an extra dimension of flavor to your homemade marshmallow brownies. Try using dark chocolate for a richer taste, or adding mini marshmallows to the batter for extra marshmallow goodness.

Overall, making homemade marshmallow brownies from scratch is a fun and satisfying experience that results in a batch of delicious fudgy marshmallow brownies that are sure to impress. So why not give it a try and indulge in the sweet and chocolatey goodness today?

Marshmallow Stuffed Brownies: Surprise Your Taste Buds

If you’re looking for a way to take your brownie game to the next level, look no further than marshmallow stuffed brownies! These fudgy marshmallow brownies are a delicious surprise for your taste buds, with gooey marshmallow tucked inside every bite.

Creating marshmallow stuffed brownies is easier than you might think. Simply pour half of your brownie batter into a greased baking pan, add a layer of marshmallows on top, and then pour the remaining brownie batter over the marshmallows. Bake as directed, and voila! Delicious and impressive marshmallow stuffed brownies.

These delicious marshmallow brownies are perfect for a special occasion or as a unique twist on a classic dessert. They are sure to please any crowd with their rich, chocolatey flavor and unexpected marshmallow center.

Try These Delicious Marshmallow Brownie Recipes Today!

Looking to add a touch of sweetness to your day? Look no further than these delicious marshmallow brownie recipes! Whether you’re an expert baker or just starting out in the kitchen, there’s a recipe here that will satisfy your craving for something sweet and decadent. From easy marshmallow brownie recipes to homemade marshmallow brownies from scratch, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started on baking some heavenly treats!

1. Easy Marshmallow Brownie Recipe

If you’re short on time but still want to enjoy the delectable combination of brownies with marshmallows, this easy marshmallow brownie recipe is the perfect choice. Made with just a few simple ingredients, these brownies can be whipped up in no time, and they’re sure to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

Ingredients: Steps:
1 box of brownie mix 1. Preheat oven to 350°F (175°C)
1/2 cup of mini marshmallows 2. Mix together the brownie mix according to package directions
1/2 cup of chocolate chips (optional) 3. Stir in the mini marshmallows and chocolate chips (if using)
1/4 cup of vegetable oil 4. Pour the batter into a greased baking dish
1/4 cup of water 5. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean
1 egg 6. Allow the brownies to cool before cutting and serving

2. Homemade Marshmallow Brownies from Scratch

For those who prefer to make everything from scratch, this homemade marshmallow brownie recipe is sure to impress. With rich, fudgy brownies and gooey marshmallows baked right in, these brownies are a true treat for the taste buds.

Ingredients: Steps:
1 cup of unsalted butter 1. Preheat oven to 350°F (175°C)
2 cups of granulated sugar 2. In a large mixing bowl, beat together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy
1 cup of cocoa powder 3. Add in the cocoa powder, flour, eggs, vanilla extract, and salt, mixing until well combined
1 cup of all-purpose flour 4. Fold in the mini marshmallows, being careful not to overmix
4 eggs 5. Pour the batter into a greased baking dish
1 tsp of vanilla extract 6. Bake for 30-35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean
1/2 tsp of salt 7. Allow the brownies to cool before cutting and serving
1/2 cup of mini marshmallows

3. Other Delicious Marshmallow Brownie Recipes

Looking for even more delicious marshmallow brownie recipes to try? Here are a few other options to inspire you:

  • Fudgy Marshmallow Brownies with Peanut Butter Swirl
  • S’mores Brownies with Marshmallow and Graham Crackers
  • Chocolate Marshmallow Brownies with Caramel Sauce

No matter which recipe you choose, you’re sure to end up with a delicious and satisfying dessert that’s perfect for any occasion. Happy baking!

Tips and Tricks for Perfect Marshmallow Brownies Every Time

Marshmallow brownies are a delectable treat that can satisfy any sweet tooth. Whether you prefer fudgy marshmallow brownies, delicious marshmallow brownies, or homemade marshmallow brownies, these tips and tricks will help you achieve the perfect result every time.

1. Use High-Quality Ingredients

One of the most important factors in making delicious marshmallow brownies is using high-quality ingredients. Make sure your chocolate is rich and flavorful, your marshmallows are fresh and fluffy, and your butter is of good quality. Using cheap or low-quality ingredients can affect the taste and texture of your brownies.

2. Be Precise with Measurements

Marshmallow brownies are a precise recipe that requires accurate measurements. Make sure to use measuring cups and spoons to ensure you are using the right amount of each ingredient. Even small deviations can result in an undesirable outcome.

3. Don’t Overmix the Batter

When mixing the brownie batter, be careful not to overmix it. Overmixing can result in tough, dry brownies. Mix until just combined, and then stop.

4. Add Marshmallows at the Right Time

Adding marshmallows at the right time is crucial for achieving the perfect marshmallow brownies. Add them to the batter halfway through baking, so they melt just enough to create that irresistible gooey texture.

5. Let the Brownies Cool Completely

Allow the brownies to cool completely before attempting to cut them. Cutting them while they are still warm can result in a mess and a crumbly texture.

By following these simple tips and tricks, you’ll be able to make fudge marshmallow brownies, delicious marshmallow brownies, or homemade marshmallow brownies that are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Elevate Any Occasion with Marshmallow Brownies

Marshmallow brownies are a versatile and impressive dessert option that can elevate any occasion, from casual gatherings to special celebrations. These delicious treats are not only easy to make but also incredibly versatile, allowing you to customize them to suit different tastes.

Whether you prefer fudgy marshmallow brownies with a rich chocolate flavor or chocolate marshmallow brownies with an irresistible gooey texture, there is a recipe out there that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Marshmallow brownies are perfect for a variety of occasions, including birthday parties, picnics, and even wedding receptions.

Impress Your Guests

If you want to impress your guests with a delicious and visually stunning dessert, consider making marshmallow stuffed brownies. These delightful treats feature a surprise marshmallow center that oozes out when you take a bite. They are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests and add a touch of whimsy to your dessert table.

The Perfect Pairing

Marshmallow brownies are also a great dessert option when you are serving drinks, such as coffee or hot chocolate. Their rich and chocolatey flavor pairs perfectly with a warm and comforting beverage, making them the ultimate winter treat.

Customize Your Brownies

If you want to add a unique twist to your marshmallow brownies, consider adding nuts, chocolate chips, or other toppings to the recipe. These toppings can add extra texture and flavor to your brownies and make them even more irresistible.

Overall, marshmallow brownies are a versatile and delicious dessert option that can elevate any occasion. Whether you like fudgy brownies or gooey brownies, there is a recipe out there that will satisfy your sweet tooth. So why not try making your own batch of marshmallow brownies today?


There’s no denying the heavenly combination of brownies with marshmallows. From the gooey texture to the indulgent flavors, these treats are irresistible. By following the simple steps and easy-to-follow recipe provided in this article, you can create delicious fudgy marshmallow brownies from scratch in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you prefer chocolate marshmallow brownies, marshmallow-stuffed brownies, or any other variation, there’s a recipe out there to suit your tastes. With these recipes and helpful tips, you’ll be able to achieve perfect marshmallow brownies every time, elevating any occasion with a decadent and satisfying dessert option.

So why not try out one of these delicious marshmallow brownie recipes today and experience the joy of homemade treats? Your taste buds will thank you!


Q: Can I use any type of marshmallows for brownies?

A: Yes, you can use any type of marshmallows for brownies. Mini marshmallows or regular-sized marshmallows both work well.

Q: How do I prevent the marshmallows from melting completely in the brownies?

A: To prevent the marshmallows from melting completely, you can either fold them into the batter towards the end of the baking time or press them gently into the top layer of the brownie batter prior to baking.

Q: Can I substitute marshmallows with marshmallow fluff?

A: Yes, you can substitute marshmallows with marshmallow fluff. Simply spread a layer of marshmallow fluff on top of the brownie batter before baking.

Q: How do I store leftover marshmallow brownies?

A: To store leftover marshmallow brownies, place them in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 days. For longer storage, you can refrigerate them for up to a week.

Q: Can I freeze marshmallow brownies?

A: Yes, you can freeze marshmallow brownies. Wrap them tightly in plastic wrap or place them in a freezer-safe container before freezing. They can be kept in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Q: Can I use a different type of chocolate in the brownie batter?

A: Yes, you can use a different type of chocolate in the brownie batter. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or even white chocolate can be used to achieve different flavors.

Q: Can I add nuts or other ingredients to the brownie batter?

A: Yes, you can add nuts, chocolate chips, or other ingredients to the brownie batter for added texture and flavor. Simply fold them into the batter before baking.

Q: How do I achieve a fudgy texture in the brownies?

A: To achieve a fudgy texture in the brownies, make sure to not overmix the batter and bake them for a shorter period of time than you would for cake-like brownies.

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